Pump Stations

Pump Service Contracts

If you have a service arrangement with us, our engineers can spot any mechanical defects which can affect the quality of your final effluent before it becomes a serious problem. We can also monitor your “Consent Level Check” before the Environment Agency, saving you both expense and worry.

Sewage Pump Service & Repair

We have dedicated pump engineers to service and repair your pumps, pump stations, controls, non-return valves and level controls.

Replacement Parts

The parts we supply include: motors, gearboxes, bearings, filters and compressors. We supply and fit a huge range of pumps and replacement parts. You may not find the cheapest pumps on our shelves, as we only install the best quality systems offering customers the greatest long term value.

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Pump stations can seem like a world of their own. What’s the total head size of rising main, type of electrical supply. What controls do you need, floats, sonic or probes. Dry Well or Wet Well, shall we have an open vortex, macerator or grinder pump. It can be difficult to know the right answer. Our engineers work throughout the country servicing, repairing and installing a wide variety of sewage pump stations. We can refurbish or replace. We can clean out blocked pump stations and replace non-return valves and guide rails.
We are experienced in both the specification requirements and the installation, including site preparation, groundworks, electrical connections and the commissioning of the station prior to use.

Our commercial waste removal pricing is extremely competitive, as we operate our own full-scale disposal facility. Please contact us for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mayglothling Waste have a proven record of helping customers to solve their waste management problems quickly and effectively.
We have put together several of our customers most commonly asked questions.


Can you clean safely in a high-risk environment?

We have operators trained to City & Guilds standard for Working in High-Risk Confined Spaces who also carry EUSR clean water hygiene cards and we are able to carry out risk assessments to ensure safe ingress and egress for our staff.


Can you offer professional support and advice?

Our engineers are highly skilled experts. They can undertake repairs to pumps and any associated equipment.


I need to avoid potable water contamination.

Mayglothling Waste has dedicated vehicles used only for clean water sites. We can use our Liquid Ring Tankers and High-pressure water jetters to remove sediment from settlement tanks, sludge from DAF Lanes, mud from river intake chambers, weeds from sand filters and many more applications.


Can you handle a difficult tank clean economically?

With our own full-scale disposal facility, we can offer incredibly competitive prices.

Onsite or Workshop Repairs

Our engineers are highly skilled experts. They can undertake repairs to pumps and any associated equipment. When they can, they will repair and recommission the pump on site. When they can’t, they’ll take it back to our workshop to do the work there. If the equipment cannot be fixed, they are able to supply and install new pumping equipment.

24hr Emergency Service

NICEIC Registered. We supply TT Pumps, Flygt Pumps, Lowara Pumps, ABS Pumps. We offer a 24 hour emergency service. So when the worst happens, simply call 0800 051 9345

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Mayglothling Waste offers comprehensive solutions from Septic Tank Emptying & Portable Loo Hire to System Design and Commercial Lighting. Please browse through our domestic and commercial services. We’ve prepared some recent projects to showcase our customers, illustrating the facts, figures and included measures. For more information, please contact us here.

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