Each New Year always presents new challenges and new opportunities, even in waste management. Here we take a look at what 2016 holds for Mayglothling, from long-awaited legislation to shiny new toys for us to play with.

Funding challenges

As a result of the Chancellor’s ongoing spending review, 2016 will be a challenging year for some in the waste management industry. Grants that were previously awarded to support the adoption of innovative technologies to treat waste and derive energy from it are now likely to be withdrawn, along with more general cuts to local government budgets. There is a danger that without the funding, improvements made through investment in technology may be unsustainable in the short term, damaging businesses and the wider sector.

For the water industry, the main challenge comes from the deadline for the transfer of private pumping stations to the water companies themselves. Under the Water Industry (Schemes for Adoption of Private Sewers) Regulations 2011, by 1st October 2016, responsibility for any sewage pump that serves more than one property, or is outside the boundary of a property, falls to the local sewerage undertaker.

Private pumping stations:..In 2016, the rules are changing…

The difficulties are twofold, the first is actually locating and identifying the pumps, the second is undertaking the maintenance that is likely to be required to bring them up to a serviceable level. Many of these pumps will have sat unloved and unserviced for many years, increasing the risk of failure – which the water companies will be liable for once they are handed over. The sheer variety of pumping systems that the water industry will be responsible for will ensure that these pumps will be on the agenda for many years to come.

Keep on truckin?

2016 will see Mayglothling hit the road with some brand new kit. Most exciting is a new tanker currently being built for us by Crossland Tankers in Northern Ireland. This tanker is quite unusual, as it is a small 18-tonne chassis with a large aluminium tank on the back, which will allow us to carry very large payloads for such a small vehicle. This tanker will be able to make more pickups before returning to be emptied, allowing us to reduce its mileage by about 30%. As it will also be fitted with the latest low-emissions DAF engine, it should have a positive impact on our carbon footprint.

We have also just taken delivery of a brand new 28,500-litre capacity stainless steel articulated tanker, as we expect to be hauling a lot of waste in 2016.

It’s not just haulage equipment on our shopping list. We have also purchased an electrical company, Distinctive Tailored Electrical Solutions (DTES). This brings more electrical expertise in-house, benefitting our customers who have electrical issues with their sewage plants. Most excitingly, DTES will also be focusing on the installation of high-end home automation solutions, allowing heating, lighting and even the curtains to be controlled from your mobile phone.

Time for automation:DTES enable you to control your home from your mobile phone

On the topic of technology, we are also installing telemetry into septic tanks, allowing them to send text messages to their owners when they need emptying or have some other issue.

Finally, we are are currently making an application to the Environment Agency to increase the volume of waste we can treat at our Yaidon Treatment plant. Whilst it is early days for the application, this would significantly increase our capability if successful. If we are successful, we will certainly celebrate with some rather tasty beer…

If your sewage pump is not being taken on by a water company and needs a service, or you’d like one of our shiny new tankers to pay you a visit to empty your septic tank, why not get in touch.