Technology is constantly changing the way we live our lives. Technophobes may argue that it only makes life more complicated, and with the mind bending array of pointless gadgets out there it might be tempting to agree, but sometimes a piece of tech will come along that is so beneficial, you wonder at the way you went about things before.

In waste management, one such piece of genius is the telemetry system. Here is an example of something that utilises new technology to maximum effect, making us more efficient and saving you, the customer, money.

What is telemetry?

The word “telemetry” literally means remote measurement. Telemetry systems use advanced machine-to-machine communications technology to take measurements at remote or hard to access locations transferring data between sites for easy monitoring.

In our waste management work, we configure the system to send us an email or text message alert when a tank is at full capacity and needs to be emptied. Whether it’s a landfill site or a septic tank, telemetry allows us to monitor exactly how full it is.

So what are the benefits

5 Benefits of Telemetry

  • Time saving: If a tank does not have a telemetry system we have to monitor how full it is by attending the site. This leads to many a wasted journey. By having a telemetry system in place, we know exactly when we need to visit the site and how much liquid waste needs to be drained, ensuring we send the correct sized tank and don’t waste our transport resources. It makes our service much more efficient and greatly improves our customer service.
  • Money saving: By making us more efficient, a telemetry system saves you money. By having the certainty that our visit is going to result in a full tank load we can book the disposal site in advance. This cuts out the costs incurred by waiting for a free slot and having a full tank out of action.
  • No more crises: There is nothing worse than having an overflowing septic tank. It causes a lot of stress, often resulting in a panicked call to Mayglothling begging us to get there as soon as possible. A telemetry system takes away the anxiety caused by this event and saves Mayglothling having to deal with the issue in the middle of the night: an eventuality that costs the customer more.
  • Good for environment: Liquid waste spillage is an environmental nightmare. In some cases, such as when leachate is involved, the waste is toxic and harmful to the environment which, in turn, can lead to huge fines. A telemetry system prevents this from ever happening. It also ensures good maintenance of the septic tank and keeps the Environment Agency happy.
  • Everyone’s a winner: A telemetry system makes both ours and the customers lives easier.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a telemetry system, read our case study on Worcestershire County Council or call us on 0800 051 9345 for more information.