Talking septic tanks. A bit of a far-fetched idea, no? Well…not completely. One of Mayglothling’s waste management experts, Donovan, has developed tech that allows your septic tank to communicate with you, ensuring that you receive a text message whenever it needs emptying.

Being the innovative firm we are, we wanted to look a little further down the line and ask – what else could septic tanks tell us if they got a bit more chatty?

Technology is everywhere

Thanks to ever-increasing numbers of new technological developments, our households are becoming increasingly linked. You can choose to have a central heating system that you control from your mobile phone, or even security cameras whose footage you can view from mobile devices while out and about – or even while on holiday.

So…why shouldn’t this be the case for septic tanks too? The ability to have vital information relayed to your phone, tablet or computer would be amazing – after all, nobody really wants to trudge outside to look at their septic tank in detail, do they? And what about the problems below the surface that you can’t see? Talking tank technology would save a whole heap of problems.

What would it say…

To be fair, you’ll often notice problems once they’ve happened: if your drains are backed up or your tank has overflowed over your lawn, it’s clear that there’s something wrong. But wouldn’t it be great if your tank could let you know BEFORE such a problem arises? These sorts of alerts would be pretty useful?

I need emptying soon!

Note the “soon” – it’s not about letting you know when the tank’s full, it’s about letting you know when it’s getting full so you have time to book in an appointment to have it emptied before it causes any major issues.

I’m discharging to the wrong place!

The last thing you want is for the effluent from your tank to discharge to a neighbouring watercourse rather than the soakaway or drainage field that’s intended for that purpose. Why? Because it’s against the law. Best you find out sooner rather than later to avoid even bigger problems down the line?

I’m flooding…and this is why!

Your soakaway could have problems, your dip pipes could be blocked…wouldn’t it make your life easier if you knew exactly why the flooding was occurring, enabling you to get accurate quotes to sort it out?

There’s a storm brewing…

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that your septic tank could be linked up to the Met Office to give you fair warning of impending storms, snow or floods. With adequate warning, you could prepare yourself rather than dealing with an out and out emergency.

I’m over here!

When snow falls, septic tanks buried on your land can be impossible to find. Many people mark the position of the tank with a pole, a post or a tree. But with GPS, your septic tank could tell you exactly where it’s buried, saving you, and your waste disposal team a chilly search for the lid.

You’re filling me with the wrong things!

If your septic tank’s becoming clogged up, it could actually be your fault. Disposing of items like baby wipes and make up removing wipes can actually be bad for a septic tank, and can cause all manner of problems. If your septic tank could tell you when it’s taking in the wrong kind of waste, you could save yourself a fortune in repair bills.

You’re not well…

Okay, let’s not go into too much detail here, but a septic tank could be the best doctor you ever had. And no waiting lists either.

Is this all just wishful thinking?

Okay, so all this is pretty unlikely. Or so you might think…

Mayglothling’s text tel alarm can send you a text when your tank’s due to be emptied (operating via a preset timer), let you know if the level goes too high and it starts to flood, and (if you have a pumped outlet) tell you if your pump fails. Clever, right’ We’re also working on a solar panel option to power the alarm too.

And it’s not just septic tanks, we offer a similar service on our Sewage Treatment Plants too, serving anything from a single house to a whole village. These chatty buggers can tell you when it needs emptying, if the mains power fails, if a pump fails, if it goes high level and starts to flood or if there’s a loss of rotation.

So while you might not go for a drink down the local with one, talking waste management systems might be more interesting, or at least more helpful, than you think

We’ve not quite managed to master the art of a robotic septic tank that converses in a human manner, but we think we’ve come up with a pretty good alternative – get in touch to find out more.