We’ve been in waste management for over 40 years – and we’ve now added a new string to our bow. While our commitment to waste continues, our purchase of electrical supremos Distinctive Tailored Electrical Solutions (DTES) opens up some exciting possibilities in the world of intelligent homes. We’ve been working with DTES and its founder, Donovan Tomkins, for a number of years and they share our ethos of sustainability and concern for the environment.

Now we’ve bought both DTES and Donovan into the Mayglothling fold and we’ll be working their expertise into our offering. We managed to pin Donovan down to find out about the deal from his perspective and what it means for the future of us and him.

Mayglothling Waste: Hi Donovan, seems like you have had a bit of a busy week, or is this just a standard week for you?

Donovan Tomkins: No, just a standard week. A standard week in the life of Mayglothling Waste Disposal.

MW: Well you wouldn’t want it any other way! So, tell us a bit about DTES.

DT: DTES is an electrical contracting company that has been going for 15 years: I started it as a one man band, and it has just grown from there. Over the years, we have worked on smaller domestic jobs, which we still do, but also for much larger clients from agricultural and industrial complexes to manor house estates. We’ve increased hugely in size and capacity, particularly with this new deal with Mayglothling.

And over the last 18 months we have moved into intelligent lighting and intelligent heating, giving you the ability to turn your lights on via your iPad or control your heating from your mobile phone. We can do new installs, completely designed lighting packages, heating control packages and we can also retrofit any existing systems, so you don’t have to rewire completely.

Intelligent lighting:
Mayglothling can enable you to control your lighting and heating from your phone or tablet.

So if you’ve got a room-thermostat in your house, we can retrofit an intelligent room-thermostat, connect you up via Wi-Fi and get you up and running. Lighting as well, so you don’t need to have your house rewired, you can keep it all the same. This can be done per room, so just say you only wanted your lounge done, so that you can control the lighting from your phone while you are sat down watching the television.

MW: So, how does this relate to waste disposal?

DT: I have worked with Mayglothling for 20 years; installing pumps and fixing pump faults, servicing treatment plants and so on. As Mayglothling has grown, so has their pump department. I’ve always been involved with it, on the new installs and everything else. It just came to the stage where it needs to grow a little bit more. Jonathan [Mayglothling, owner of Mayglothling Waste] and I sat down one day and he said, ‘Well, let’s join forces, come and work for us, we can run DTES alongside the pump engineering department –  and that’s exactly what’s happened.

MW: And so instead of solely focusing on the pump engineering, Mayglothling have decided to branch out in what they’re going to offer?

DT: Yes, on the DTES side, because we have fully qualified electricians and apprentices going through their proper apprenticeships. Being an established business ourselves, we thought we’d carry on the electrical side of things.

MW: So will the new intelligent technology be transferrable to waste management?

DT: Yes, we can offer the same type of thing as we do with intelligent lighting, but we actually offer an intelligent unit: no need to worry about your septic tank. If there is a problem with it, it can call us and we can organise a visit straight away.

MW: So does that use similar technology to your other products?

DT: Similar, but this is more of what they call a text-tel. This is a mobile phone SIM that goes into the unit, then texts either the office or the engineer that is on call. It’ll text us a message that it’s failed, we can then go out and get it sorted for the customer: they really don’t have to worry about it, but if they want to be informed the text-tel can text up to four different numbers as soon as it goes off.

MW: If that’s on the smaller treatment side what about the larger waste management clients?

DT: Exactly the same. We can use the same text-tel unit on the larger treatment plants and factories, and these will tell us the minute they have a problem with their system. We’re taking away the problem from them. If, for example, it’s the weekend and they’re hosting a wedding for 500 guests, they wouldn’t need to know that they’ve got a problem; we’re hearing about it before it’s got to that stage.

MW: Finally, did you ever see yourself going into the waste management when you started out as a young electrician?

DT: No, not at all. It was one of those things that just happened. It just grew from a good working relationship. I’ve always enjoyed working with John and Jonathan, they’re a great company to work for. It is definitely moving in an exciting direction and it looks like it’s going to be an interesting future.

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