We often blog about emergencies and failures, but that means some of our services fall by the wayside. For instance – portable toilet hire. Of course, we can’t simply roll up and drop off a row of portable toilets: there’s a lot to think about when you’re planning an event, and we need to know your plans before we arrive. So, to make sure we do the job properly, here are four questions you need to ask before hiring.

Why do you need portable toilets?

There are three reasons – three sub-questions, if you like. Firstly, provision: can your existing facilities handle the number of people involved –  Secondly, traffic: even if you have enough toilets on site, do you want people trailing back and forth through your premises – Thirdly, clean-up: do you want to deal with cleaning out the toilets on top of everything else in the aftermath of your event. If the answer to all these questions is “no”, you need us.

How many toilets do you need?

Most of our bookings are for large events, which require some logistical thought. There are three factors to consider: people, toilets, and time. The longer the event runs, the more demand there’ll be on the facilities. You’ll need to work this out carefully – you want your guests to enjoy your event, not spend it standing in a queue. Our recommendation is two toilets per 100 people for an eight- hour event.

How do we get them in?

We have no problem with supplying portable toilets to a back garden party or wedding, but this vital question has to be answered first. The vehicle carrying the toilets needs access to the property – we need to be as close to the planned location for the toilets as possible, both for delivery and collection. Collection doubly so, as there?ll be more matter to pick up than there was to bring in. If you’re not sure, speak to us and we’ll advise on how to make this work.

Where will they go?

Accessibility isn’t the only thing you need to think about when choosing a location for your portable toilets. Obviously, you need a flat surface – mid-event tippage is the last thing you want. Sheltered locations are best – the units aren’t that heavy, and they can be blown away. If there isn?t good shelter available, choose a space in which they can be weighted and strapped down.

Our Loos in Motion service scales from the small to the large, the basic to the luxury: it serves weddings, parties and corporate events, or provides a single portable toilet in the yard while the builders are in. It goes beyond the toilets, too. If your event’s running into the night, we can supply generators and lights. If you need the toilets for a while, we provide a regular emptying and cleaning service between setup and teardown.

There are plenty of options, and there’s plenty to consider. Make sure you’ve factored it all into your plans, and remember – you can always ask us for help.