Waste Management Contractor Hereford CASE STUDY

A challenging tank investigation within the drinks industry

The problem

The site – Brewery DAF Tanks

Customer wanted to check the integrity of the diffused aeration system in the bottom of the tank. In addition we were asked to remove the sludge in the bottom of the tanks.
These are very large confined tanks stirring up the settlement at the bottom could release harmful and deadly gases into the atmosphere.

The solution

Our Confined Space Crew undertook the work using our High Volume Jet Vac Super Sucker to clean down and remove the settlement from the large tanks. All operatives are confined space trained and are equipped with oxygen meters and 10 minute escape sets.

These enable them to carry out the works in safety as the meters will alert them to a drop in the levels of oxygen and the escape sets include masks and small oxygen tanks enabling them to escape in time.