Waste Management Contractor Hereford CASE STUDY

Drain Jetting at Hereford Leisure Pool

The Problem

The storm-drain running under the fields behind the Pool, terminating in the River Wye, was partially blocked with sediment and silt.


The drain required clearing along its entire length, using specialist high-pressure jetting equipment. Due to the location of the site, and the length and diameter of the drain, the logistics of the project required considerable planning. Sufficient quantities of clean water had to be tankered to the site to satisfy the demands of the jetting equipment, and the resulting sludge, waste water and any water using the drain during the operation had to be tankered away.
A specific requirement was that the waste water and sludge were not allowed to contaminate the River Wye. There was also a requirement to survey the interior of the drain to ascertain exactly where other drains connected into it etc, and to check for any internal damage to the structure of the drain.

The Result

The drain was cleared, a CCTV camera was used to survey the entire length of the pipe, and a complete survey report was sent to the customer.