Waste Management Contractor Hereford CASE STUDY

The McCord’s Farmhouse

Foul drainage problems

Mayglothling sorted the McCords’ foul drainage problems with a minimum of fuss.

Mr and Mrs McCord own a large farmhouse in Penallt, Monmouthshire, with a converted barn as a holiday let. Both buildings are connected to the same drainage system, which means that both their home and business are affected when something goes wrong. As working drainage is essential to any property, this could become a serious problem – or, as it turns out, two problems.

“We had a cesspit that was leaking and also, because we had old china pipes, they were cracking; it was continually blocking,” says Mr McCord.

Thanks to these issues, the system was backing up, though the McCords didn’t know why at first. It wasn’t an urgent matter, fortunately, but one that would only get worse over time. Mayglothling were called out totake a look and were quickly on the case. “It’s one of those things that didn’t need to be done that day,” says Mr McCord. “It wasn’t that it had stopped working and had to be replaced on day one. But they got there quickly nonetheless.”

Straight to work

Diagnosing the problem was simple enough. First, we cleared the drain in order to inspect it, then we used CCTV monitoring to determine what was going on. We discovered that one section of the foul drain was in bad order around the farmhouse, and needed replacing.

We then also noticed an issue with the septic tank: its level was incorrect, below the outlet. We found out there was seepage from the septic tank into the surrounding area. Much of this had to do with the age of the drainage system, which like many rural systems was very old.

“It was over 50 years old and clearly was really beyond recovery,” says Mr McCord.

When we fixed this problem, it was also an opportunity to modernise. We replaced Old Faithful with a new Beta 4100 litre septic tank, along with the new section of foul drain.

“We had a cesspit that was leaking and old china pipes that were cracking”

Quick and clean

For Mr and Mrs McCord, this was a hassle-free process. Despite not being their area of expertise, they had no issue letting Mayglothling communicate with their insurance company and felt their options were made clear.

“They came and diagnosed the problem and worked with our insurance company then to insure that we understood the problem and we then got a quote; a very detailed quote which set out the options.”
“The insurance company were able to read that, with more knowledge than I’ve got, and determine what they were prepared to pay for and what I needed to pay.”

Only one difficulty remained: as they were living there and also running a holiday let, the McCords needed to fit the work around their own busy schedules. There had to be a window where the drainage system could be out of action.

Mayglothling were able to do the work at the McCords’ convenience. “It was probably about twelve weeks after they came, and we also had visits in between,” says Mr McCord, “and they did it when it was most convenient for us really. We went away for a week while they did the repairs and the replacements.”

The McCords went on holiday, and the job was completed over 5-7 days during that time. They had to make their holiday let temporarily unavailable, but all in all it was the best solution all round.