Mayglothling is excited to announce the delivery of a new acid vacuum tanker, enabling us to extend our service offering to include the safe transportation and treatment of acids and other hazardous corrosive materials.

What is an Acid Tanker?

Built to a high specification, the Acid Tanker has a specialist resin coated barrel and was originally manufactured by Crossland Tankers.

With a hydraulically operated fully opening rear door, vapour scrubber system, vapour recovery lines, earth straps for flammable material and three manway lids, the Tanker is one of the first to be constructed with the latest safety features, which meant delivery was delayed several times.

While this was frustrating, we knew we wanted it made to the highest specification, and we are proud to say Mayglothling is now one of only few UK waste management providers to be able to offer such a service.

How will the Acid Tanker help Mayglothling customers?

For years we have transported a huge variety of liquid waste from animal by-products to oils and fuels but we weren’t able to offer the removal of corrosive materials because our stainless steel tanks were not appropriate.

Finding sub-contractors proved difficult because there was a lack of businesses out there with the right equipment.

Everyone here at Mayglothling knew we had to fill that gap.

Thankfully we can now offer the complete transport and treatment service to the industrial sector, supported by our own on-site chemist.

Mayglothling believes in protecting the environment and we pride ourselves on being a helping hand for a wide range of commercial customers to help them manage and recycle their waste.

This includes helping our customers to understand the importance of correct waste segregation, storage, classification, and management.

Interested in finding out more?

Already, we have had lots of interest from commercial firms who need to transport and dispose of hydrochloric and sulphuric acid from sites UK wide.

To find out more about the new Acid Tanker or if you require the safe transportation and treatment of acids and other hazardous corrosive materials, please contact or call 01544 230 364.