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How to prevent your septic tank from smelling bad.

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There are several steps you can take to avoid unpleasant odours coming from your septic system and drains;


Don’t flush anything you shouldn’t 


The majority of tank failures result from things being flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink that shouldn’t be. This includes things that cause blockages such as wet wipes and plastic as well as toxic liquids, cleaning products and oil that can kill the microorganisms that live in your tank. 

These microbes and bacteria help to breakdown the solids in your tank ensuring an efficient system where waste doesn’t suit in the chambers too long. It’s these solids that create bad smells and dangerous gasses. 


Avoid excessive water use


Excessive water can overload any septic system. Flooding the tank means it’s more likely to overflow, spilling raw sewage into your garden and potentially backing up into your home. The most common cause of this problem is using the washing machine and dishwasher too much. Use an eco setting which uses less water to avoid overload. If this is not possible then chances are that your tank is too small for the size of the household and will need upgrading. 


If your storm drains or gutters discharge into your septic tank then this should be stopped immediately. A dye test or CCTV survey can ascertain where your gutters discharge to. 


Keep up with maintenance 


A well maintained septic system is far less likely to fail or emit bad smells. Your tank should be emptied every 18 months or sooner if it’s full. 


Act on any potential issues quickly


If you notice that your tank isn’t performing like it should, don’t delay, call in a professional. 

Identifying issues before they get worse can avoid damage that requires costly repairs. If your tank is filling up quicker than usual, emitting bad smells or flooding, call us to arrange an inspection. 


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