Mayglothling Waste
Mayglothling Waste

At Mayglothling, we like to take care of waste. But why?

Each of us produces waste. Whether it be in the home or on a commercial business premises, it is the waste creators responsibility to ensure what is produced is also appropriately managed. If not, the ramifications for our environment could be severe.

Therefore, to take care is to take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of that waste. Just disposing of it isn’t enough. You need to ensure it is collected, transported and disposed of in a safe manner that won’t cause adverse consequences to our environment. That is why working with a responsible, sustainable waste management partner is crucial.

To us, responsibility is at the centre of our ethos, especially in regards to protecting the future of our planet. We call this, responsible waste management.

Defining Responsible Waste Management

Responsible waste management isn’t just a strapline; it’s core to our company ethos. Our focus on responsibility permeates through everything we do, from protecting the environment from dangerous and hazardous waste, to reducing the carbon footprint of company vehicles.

It is important to understand that the waste management journey doesn’t end as soon as waste has been collected. Both Mayglothling and the customer have a duty of care to make certain all waste is collected, transported and disposed of in a safe, compliant and environmentally friendly way.

We believe this responsible way of operating is essential for our society moving forward. We want to protect our planet, our people, and your reputation.