Mayglothling Waste
Mayglothling Waste

So you have liquid waste on site that needs safely disposing of. How do you decide on the most suitable treatment solution? 

Liquid waste comes in many forms, from oil and water to sewage. It can be difficult to manage and it’s important to know what type of waste you are dealing with from the outset. This will ensure it is collected, transported, and treated in the most appropriate way. You need expert advice, and that’s where Mayglothling excel. We can undertake a comprehensive waste audit that identifies all waste streams and recommends the safest waste management plan for your business.

Trade Effluent Charges

Trade effluent is any liquid waste that is discharged into our main sewer networks from a business or industrial process. Businesses are charged to dispose of waste in this way, with the cost calculated via the Mogden Formula. This has led many to assume they are stuck paying high trade effluent charges, but you know what they say about assumptions! 

Mayglothling can carry out in-depth flow and strength analysis to build a thorough picture of your effluent. From there, we can calculate exactly how much per tonne your trade effluent charges should be. Often with additional effluent treatment, we can help you achieve a reduced price per tonne to discharge your effluent to a sewer. 

While undergoing this process does require a small investment, if you have high trade effluent charges investing now could save vast sums in the long run. 

EWC Codes

To properly take care of your waste, we need to know everything about it. That means we require the EWC Code, SIC Code and UN Numbers so we can assist you with packaging labelling consignment notes and waste transfer notes. This will help us ensure all waste is sent to the most appropriate treatment facility. 

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, our helpful team can guide you through the process and filling out the Waste Control Form with ease. Your waste will be transported safely and to the appropriate treatment facility; that is our guarantee.

Try our EWC Code Finder

Our Fleet

We don’t just use any old tanker from the yard to collect wet waste. We specifically chose the best suited vehicle for the job at hand. Our fleet of tankers has been carefully crafted over the years to ensure we can effectively handle all waste streams. This includes stainless steel, glass lined aluminium and mild steel tankers, ensuring we can carry the optimum payload of up to 31 tonnes for your operation. We also take advantage of innovative telematics technology to make certain our drivers aren’t just safely transporting waste, but are also safe on the roads. We really do pay attention to the details.


Yes, our expertise means we are a good source of advice for anyone with a waste disposal query and we can offer customers clear advice on regulatory compliance on matters such as: ADR, packaging of dangerous goods, hazardous waste regulations, European waste catalogue codes, special waste regulations and duty of care.

Yes, our team can be on the road within a couple of hours of your call and our rapid response can help minimise the damage.

We can collect bulk waste from difficult to access locations using our specialist equipment and vast fleet.

Managing Waste Responsibly

At Mayglothling, we understand the negative impact of irresponsibly disposing of waste. We take responsibility to ensure all waste collected is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We even have our own commercial Sewage Treatment Plant that turns waste into water fit for our rivers.

Environmental Ethos