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The majority of sewage and wastewater created in our homes and business premises flows to the main sewer network… simple. However, for those residing rurally, effective waste management can be a little more complicated. If you’re struggling to decipher the difference between a septic tank and a sewage treatment plant, or wondering who to call about that blocked drain, then you’ve come to the right place. Mayglothling’s waste management experts are ready and waiting to tackle any sewage treatment predicament.

A Complete Service

Getting your sewage or wastewater treatment system right need not be daunting. Our fully qualified and expert staff can manage every aspect of your sewage needs for you. This includes:

  • Waste collections
  • System installations
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Emergency repairs

Sewage Systems

From septic tank emptying to sewage treatment plant installations, our sewage experts can advise on the best solution to fit your needs.

Sewage Systems

Drain Services

Dealing with a blocked drain can be particularly unpleasant. Protect your nose and call in our experts; we’ve got the tools needed for any job.


Sewage Pumps

Pump stations can feel like a world of their own. Our pump engineers can help your navigate the murky waters and find the right system for your premises.

Sewage Pumps


Regular maintenance is critical to alleviate the risk of blockages. Sign up to our maintenance and reminder service and you won’t experience an emergency any time soon.


Industry Expertise

We deliver our sewage services to a range of customers throughout Herefordshire and the UK. These include:

  • Individual homes
  • Small & large housing developments
  • Caravan and camping sites
  • Small and large businesses
  • Industrial and manufacturing organisations

Managing Waste Responsibly

At Mayglothling, we understand the negative impact of irresponsibly disposing of waste. We take responsibility to ensure all waste collected is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We even have our own commercial Sewage Treatment Plant that turns waste into water fit for our rivers.

Environmental Ethos