Mayglothling Waste
Mayglothling Waste

Water tank cleaning on clean water sites can be complex work. Often, businesses have a very small operating window in which they can take assets out of commission for cleaning. At Mayglothling, we can operate flexibly and have the technology and expertise to undertake any water tank cleaning work promptly and professionally, minimising potential downtime.

Potable Water Tanks

Avoiding cross-contamination when cleaning potable water tanks is imperative. Failing to do so properly could lead to numerous harmful bacteria making its way into water, including the potentially fatal Legionella. That is why our vehicles have dedicated tools and pipework to ensure no cross-contamination from other tanker operations can occur. These can suck extremely heavy sand and sludge from a great depth. Furthermore, all of our staff have EUSR Clean Water Hygiene cards and use dedicated CCTV and jetting equipment that has only ever been operational on clean water sites. We keep your water tanks clean and safe.

Waste Control Form

Before tank cleaning and waste removal begins, it’s important to know what type of substance you’re dealing with. Our waste management experts will work closely with you to fill out your Waste Control Form. This will help us identify your waste and check it for contamination. We can then devise the most appropriate waste removal strategy that, of course, involves detailed health and safety planning.


Yes, with our own full-scale disposal facility, we can offer incredibly competitive prices. Enquire today.

At Mayglothling, we have specialist vehicles used only for clean water sites. We can use our liquid ring tankers and high pressure water jetters to remove sediment from settlement tanks, sludge from DAF lanes, mud from river intake chambers, weeds from sand filters and many more applications.

We have operators trained to City & Guilds standard for working in high-risk confined spaces, who also carry EUSR clean water hygiene cards. We always undertake thorough risk-assessments to ensure safe ingress and egress for our staff.

Managing Waste Responsibly

At Mayglothling, we understand the negative impact of irresponsibly disposing of waste. We take responsibility to ensure all waste collected is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We even have our own commercial Sewage Treatment Plant that turns waste into water fit for our rivers.

Environmental Ethos