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Our range of services includes Interceptor Waste, Sewage Sludge, Market Waste, Blood Wash Water, Livestock Market Wash Water, Food Factory Wastes, DAF Sludges and Leachate.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

We are licensed to collect all forms of hazardous waste such as petrol and diesel, interceptor waste, bulk acids, caustic waste, paints and flammables, solvents and PCB contaminated material.

Clinical Waste Disposal

We are licensed to collect, transport and dispose of clinical, medical and healthcare waste as covered in “Health Technical Memorandum 07-01: Safe Management of Healthcare Waste”.

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So you have some liquid waste on site. How do you choose the most suitable treatment route? The list of possibilities is getting longer and more complex each day. Do you really understand the risks associated with the treatment route you currently use? What happens if your waste ends up contaminating the environment. Do you have the necessary safeguards in place? Do you understand the duty of care regulations well enough to spot weaknesses with your record keeping? Storage of liquids needs to be controlled and monitored.

These are complex and expensive issues. Mayglothling can carry out a site audit, look at waste reduction, carry out a risk analysis for each treatment route, the cheapest route is not necessarily the safest route. We have our own fully permitted Treatment Plant that Treats Waste Effluents so effectively that we recycle the treated material directly to the river. We can recover oils, solvents, FOGS, and energy from waste foods. We have access to various Anaerobic Digesters as well as the ability to send material back into the food chain as animal feed. Whatever you liquid waste stream, from Acid to Leachate, Animal By-product to sewage we will have the knowledge to help you choose the right solution for your business


Trade Effluent charges are based on the Mogden Formula, so you may assume that you are stuck with your Trade Effluent charges, no matter how high they are. Wrong. Mayglothling Waste will carry out in-depth flow and strength analysis, build a thorough picture of your effluent. Get to understand the process behind the effluent. We then work with our customers to calculate exactly how much per tonne their Trade Effluent Charges are. When this data is available we look at onsite effluent treatment, this is often far easier than you think. We can offer you a reduced price per tonne, for us to manage your effluent prior to discharge to sewer, or install the necessary equipment on site for you to maintain if that is your preference.

If you have high Trade Effluent Charges you need to go through this process. A small investment now can save a fortune. If you are under pressure as you are currently breaking your Trade Effluent Levels you should call us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mayglothling Waste have a proven record of helping customers to solve their waste management problems quickly and effectively.
We have put together several of our customers most commonly asked questions.


Do you offer rapid disaster response?

Our team can be on the road within a couple of hours of your call and our rapid response can help minimise the damage.


I need a difficult access solution.

We can collect bulk liquid waste from difficult to access locations using our specialist equipment.


Do you offer specialist advice?

Our expertise means we are a good source of advice for anyone with a waste disposal query and we can offer customers clear advice on regulatory compliance on matters such as ADR, packaging of dangerous goods, hazardous waste regulations, European waste catalogue codes, special waste regulations, duty of care, registering as a hazardous waste producer


I need help with an oil or chemical spill.

Mayglothling Waste has many years of experience in clearing up oil and chemical spills.

Keeping Your Costs Down

We run Stainless steel, Mild steel and Aluminium vacuum tankers to ensure we can carry the optimum
payload of up to 31 tonnes, helping to keep your costs down.

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Mayglothling Waste offers comprehensive solutions from Septic Tank Emptying & Portable Loo Hire to System Design and Commercial Lighting. Please browse through our domestic and commercial services. We’ve prepared some recent projects to showcase our customers, illustrating the facts, figures and included measures. For more information, please contact us here.

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