Pure Herefordshire Honey (340g)


Pure Herefordshire English wildflower honey. Raw and unpasteurised honey from an apiary in Much Marcle, near Ledbury.

  Made with nectar gathered by bees from orchards, hedgerows and meadows of rural Herefordshire. The bees concentrate the nectar by fanning with their wings to create the sticky, delicious golden liquid.


340g/12oz jar. After extraction from the wax honeycomb the honey is passed through a sieve to remove larger particles of wax before bottling. The honey therefore retains the beneficial natural enzymes and pollen from the various flowers visited by the bees.

Your order will be delivered by Ledbury Apiaries, Herefordshire.

Not suitable for children under 12 months of age.

 Store somewhere cool and dry out of direct sunlight with the lid firmly closed. 

Due to its nature, honey may crystallise over time. This does not affect the quality. If you wish, simply place the jar into a bowl of warm water (35-40 C) or pop it into the airing cupboard to re-liquify.

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