Environmental Policy


Maintaining an Environmental Management System as a method of environmental improvement.


At Mayglothling we continually monitor and improve the highest risk Environmental Aspects.


Reduce the carbon footprint of the Company’s vehicles during normal operations.


Prevent any risk of pollution to air, land or water.


Provide a framework for reviewing Environmental Objectives and Targets.


Communicate the Environmental Objectives and Targets to all employees.

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The Management Team of Mayglothling Waste Ltd are fully aware of the possible impacts their activities could have upon the environment and of their obligation to protect the health and safety of their employees. They are therefore committed to the continuous improvement of existing and proposed activities with regard to the environment and to health and safety matters. The Company will continually improve its environmental performance by publishing objectives and improvement targets for updated environmental practices. The Company will work toward these objectives, improvements and targets with action plans which are reviewed at regular intervals and where possible conserve natural resources through waste minimisation, reclamation, recycling and other appropriate methods.

Environmental Training is provided to all employees according to job description and initiatives that contribute improvements to work methods, environmental safety at work, at home and in the local community, are fully encouraged. The co-operation of suppliers and sub-contractors in recognising their environmental and health & safety responsibilities when supplying goods or services is sought at all times. The company also operates in compliance with all relevant United Kingdom, Environmental Legislation, Regulations and Codes of Practice and is committed to doing so as these statutes develop over time.

Finally this Environmental Policy Statement shall be reviewed annually, is included in the complete ISO-14001:2004 Environmental Management System, is displayed on relevant notice boards and is made available to interested stakeholders, employees or members of the public as requested.

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Quality Policy

It is the policy of the Mayglothling Waste Limited to maintain a Quality Control and Assurance System which conforms to the International Quality Management Systems Standard ISO9001:2008, a system of management and documentation that can be audited to an internationally recognised standard.

The objective of this Quality Management System is to provide Total Customer Satisfaction by providing a service in a manner which is equal to or exceeds the agreed customer requirements, and which is provided on time with the ultimate aim of supplying a defect-free service. The concept of Ever Improving Quality is also fully embraced by Mayglothling Waste Limited whose management recognise that the Quality Management Systems embodied in this manual form only a base on which more comprehensive quality aims can be built.

A major feature of Mayglothling Waste Limited’s general commitment is to engender an understanding by each employee that their personal input and efforts to achieve Defect Free Service, Competitively Priced, Delivered On Time and In Compliance with Current Legislation, is vital to both the success of the quality programme and the future prosperity of them all.

The Quality Management Systems Policy Manual of which this policy is a part is a living document in daily use and will be updated at appropriate times to reflect any changes which may subsequently occur. Mayglothling Waste Limited, therefore, reserves the right to amend it as required, recording such changes in the Quality Manual Amendment Record.

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