System Design Consultancy

Septic Tank Emptying & Waste Disposal

The septic tank traps the solids in the wastewater and should be checked to determine whether or not it is time for it to be emptied out.

Septic Tank Maintenance Service

The manhole should be opened and the dip pipes should be checked to ensure that they are in good condition since the last check-up to avoid expensive repair bills.

Septic Tank Emptying Reminder Service

To give you one less thing to think about, we will get in touch to remind you when your septic tank is next scheduled to be emptied or serviced again.

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Home Buyers Survey

The stress of purchasing a house can only really be understood by those that have been through the process. You can feel as if you need to be an expert on everything from legal matters to finance and waste management. We understand that most people have very little knowledge about sewage treatment, soil porosity or waste permits. That is why we have tailored a house buyers survey to help you through the process. Our engineers will visit the property and conduct a thorough survey of the existing system. We will be able to advise if the system is currently fit for purpose and give indicative costs to address any issues found. Getting this information from us prior to final price negotiations can save you a fortune, or give you the opportunity to walk away from a real headache.

Pre-Planning Conceptual Survey

It is increasingly beneficial to submit a conceptual drainage report with your planning applications. You can instruct Mayglothling to conduct an audit of existing assets on site. We will identify their position and expected lifespan. We will identify areas that are available for off mains treatment plants, pump stations, foul and storm water soak-aways or discharge points, subject to appropriate permissions. We work with our clients to calculate such things as the Population Equivalent flow rates for the proposed construction for both “off mains” and “mains” sewer outfall.

We can conduct the porosity tests to calculate size of soak-aways required. We can enter into discussions with the sewerage utility Company, the local Planning Authority and Environment Agency to build a drainage strategy that can be submitted at the feasibility stage. The drainage strategy will take into account current capacity of the public sewer and the topography of the land. SUDS.

Site Asset Survey

Many of our customers, Housing Associations, Councils and Private Estates own multiple sewage treatment assets. How do they know how old these assets are, what is the residual life expectancy of the plants. What will it cost to upgrade or replace these assets when they come to the end of their life. How do they plan the financial input required to maintain compliance with the final effluent quality? It is vital that these assets are maintained to a high standard as they are regularly checked by the authorities. Lack of maintenance can lead to pollution risk. A Site Asset Survey will address all of these concerns, Mayglothling will even be able to advise if additional treatment capability can be added to a sewage treatment system rather than a full replacement in those cases where additional dwellings are being added to the existing system.

Drain Survey

Mayglothling can provide you with Full CAD drawing of your site. Topological surveys, CCTV Surveys of your new and existing drainage systems for adoption or maintenance, from a single house to an entire estate. Using mainline CCTV equipment we can supply you with a digital survey or conduct a simple look and see fault finding survey. We will enable you to see what the issue is with your drain prior to any repair works being carried out. This saves any unnecessary excavation costs and pinpoints the location of the problem which could be drain adoption, repeat blockages or root ingress.

Septic Tank Survey

I have a Septic Tank in my garden but have no idea how it works. Common issues include:

My Septic Tank is smelly.
My Septic Tank is leaking.
My Septic Tank lid is not safe.
My septic tank is full, not sure if it should be.

If you are asking yourself any, or as often in the case all of these questions, perhaps you should ask us to visit the site. We will conduct a survey of what you have, explain how it should be working and set up a maintenance schedule for you. We can even set up a monthly payment plan so that you do not have to worry about unexpected costs. A company with huge experience treating sewage, installing and maintaining sewage systems, designing from scratch and often called upon to resolve issues. Not very often will you find such a wealth of services provided by just one company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mayglothling Waste have a proven record of helping customers to solve their waste management problems quickly and effectively.
We have put together several of our customers most commonly asked questions.


What if i need my septic tank emptied urgently?

Our 24 hour emergency callout service can provide a quick, convenient solution.


Access to my property is restricted. Will this be a problem?

If you have a small lane or a narrow entrance to your property we will generally use a 4 wheeled, 18-tonne vacuum tanker to empty your septic tank otherwise a 6 wheeler or 8 wheeler may be used. Have a look at our vehicle fleet if you would like to get a better idea of the size of our vehicles.


I can't afford to spend a fortune on waste disposal. Are your prices competitive?

Our competitive standard charges are for up to 1,000 gallons removed and for up to one hour on site. There is a surcharge (demurrage charge) if we are on site for over an hour and an additional cost if we collect more than 1,000 gallons.


I need a household septic tank service that offers advice I can trust.

Our expertise means we are a good source of advice for anyone with a household waste disposal query and we can offer customers clear advice on keeping installations environmentally-safe.

Cesspits & Soakaway Care

The soakaway should be checked for sogginess or ponding, which indicates improper drainage, a blocked system, or excessive water use. The presence of damp or soggy areas or odours may indicate a leak in the system. In some cases, if there is nowhere in the surrounding area to site a soakaway, it may not be possible to have a septic tank. In this case, it may be necessary to have a cesspit – a holding tank for waste with no outlet. Large volumes will need to be emptied from these at regular intervals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be THE provider of sanitation for the nonurban community and manage it to the benefit of the environment.

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Mayglothling Waste offers comprehensive solutions from Septic Tank Emptying & Portable Loo Hire to System Design and Commercial Lighting. Please browse through our domestic and commercial services. We’ve prepared some recent projects to showcase our customers, illustrating the facts, figures and included measures. For more information, please contact us here.

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