Home Buying Survey 3 – Bronze


Buying or selling a property without access to mains drainage can uncover hidden problems with the drainage system, which may become expensive to put right. Our in-depth Home Buying Surveys are there to ensure you know how healthy your system is – and may help you to value the property accordingly.

For a tiny fraction of the value of the property, you can be assured that you’re fully informed of any legal requirements – just like any structural survey.

Our Bronze Home Buying Survey includes the following:

  • Technical sales site visit
  • Empty of the septic system
  • Dye test
  • Jetting
  • A full written report

The adoption of General Binding Rules in England and Wales mean that there are now more stringent requirements for drainage systems, which are legally enforceable.  If you’re buying a property covered by these rules without the information provided by a survey, you may become liable for expensive repairs.


Our drainage surveys can identify any issues or damage that may result in your system being non-compliant, potentially saving you thousands of pounds. Equally, if the septic system is functioning correctly you can continue with the property purchase safe in the knowledge that you won’t have any nasty surprises later on.

Are you a tank owner and unsure if you’re compliant? It definitely isn’t worth the risk, Mayglothling can help you check, upgrade or replace your system to give you peace of mind.

If you’re looking to buy a property with off-grid drainage, we recommend you contact us to have a home drainage survey of your potential new property as soon as possible.

For greater piece of mind, we have a Gold version of this service, which includes a full jetting service across the system as well as a detailed CCTV survey.

Price inclusive of VAT.

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