WasteSmart™ Sewage Treatment Plant (Standard Cover) – Monthly Subscription


WasteSmart™ is an innovative way to take care of your regular sewage treatment plant costs. For a simple monthly fee, you can cover the cost of an annual collection.

Included in this service are:

  • MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN to spread the cost over the year
  • Annual Tanker Empty and Engineer Service, to comply with General Binding Rules (not including parts)
  • In an emergency, we will schedule your visit before non-WasteSmart customers
  • 100% of your sewage waste will be recycled
  • 10% off the list price of sewage treatment parts
  • Access to maintenance records for up to seven years, as required by law
  • Free environmental newsletter


Please note, this purchase is the first of 12 payments across the term of your subscription. A standing order will be required to conclude your WasteSmart™ membership. Services will be provided once all twelve payments have been received.

WasteSmart™ is exclusive to Mayglothling.